Continuity of Education Plan

School: Londonderry Private School

Director: Vicki Millard

Address: 1800 Bamberger Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17110


                        (717) 540-0543-School

                        (717) 991-8772- Cell



Our goal is to continue providing a rich, engaging curiculum in which students can progress both academically and socially for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Overview of Plan:

Teachers will provide instruction and coursework through Google Classrooms and video conferencing. 

Expectations for Teaching and Learning:

Teachers will be providing lessons for all students in a way that is agreeable to the families and the teacher.  Teachers can use video platforms to teach live group lessons or individual lessons.  Teachers may record and upload lessons and demonstrations for families to watch at their convenience.  Students are expected to make every effort to complete all assignments and attend group lessons on-line.  Teachers will record grades and completed work percentages as usual. 

Communication Tools and Strategies:

Teachers are communicating through Google Classrooms, Seesaw, Zoom, email, and cell phone.  Teachers are available to meet with students through regular school days and hours. 


Students were sent home with textbooks and 2 weeks worth of work on Friday, March 13. Teachers contacted families and made themselves available over the 2 week period between March 14 and March 22 to deliver books, materials and computers to families that needed them. Londonderry has loaned laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads as needed.  All students from K-8 have access to on-line classes and communications.


Staff General Expectations:

Teachers are expected to provide interesting and engaging content for students that may range from review to enrichment to continuation through the curriculum.  Teachers are expected to make all efforts to keep their students engaged academically and socially with their peers through this period.


Students are expected to complete work and attend classes as scheduled by their teacher.  Teachers are asked to keep record of work completed and classes attended for each student.  Teachers have communicated with parents that they should reach out to the teacher if their student is having any difficulty in completing work or attending classes.  Teachers will work to find the right accommodations for each family so that all students can proceed with their learning. 

Good Faith Efforts For Access and Equity For All Students:

Londonderry teachers set up many times over a 2 week period to meet families at school or deliver to their home textbooks, materials, and computers.  We believe that we made a good faith effort to give all students the materials they need to continue on with their education, and we believe that all our families in Kindergarten through eighth grade have access to the on-line instruction and communications.

Special Education Supports:

Londonderry does not have a special education teacher or program, but our students who receive support services through the Capital Area Intermediate Unit #15 still have access to those services.  Our school counselor and reading and math specialst through the CAIU have been in contact with the families, and they have set up Google Classrooms for their students. Londonderry administration is in contact with the CAIU staff to continue to help parents facilitate the schedule of services.

EL Support: N/A

Gifted Education: N/A

Building/Grade-Level Contact:

All parents, students, teachers, and support staff have access to Londonderry Administration including the Director, Assistant Director, Business Manager and Parent Liason through email and cell phone numbers.  Students and parents also have access to their teachers through Google Classrooms, Seesaw, email, and/or cell phone numbers as determined by each teacher.



Resource Links:

In addition to the textbooks and materials already provided, teachers have provided and use a multitude of resources to teach and to enrich the curriculum for their specific subjects.  Teachers are using on-line reading libraries, math sites, science videos and demonstrations, and weekly Art challenges to name a few.  These resource links are provided in each teacher’s Google Classroom.