Located within its own wing of the school, Londonderry’s full-day kindergarten program is unique to the care and development of your child.  Londonderry’s program follows an enriching academic curriculum, with emphasis on learning through play and hands-on activities.  Reading and math are taught in small groups in the classroom, giving your child the individual attention and encouragement they need to find the way they learn best.

Your child will not sit at a desk.  Classrooms are set up in centers so that in between math and reading instruction, your child will be encouraged to engage in creative play such as building with blocks and art activities.

The kindergarten program encourages your child’s imagination and independence, while simultaneously striving to meet his/her individual needs. Your child’s teacher will work tirelessly with students and parents alike in order to help your child reach their potential.

Learning in a fun, imaginative, family-oriented environment encourages confidence and mutual respect within our community and beyond. Your child will begin to learn peaceful resolutions to conflicts, skills which will guide them beyond their time at Londonderry.  Parents are encouraged to participate in the classroom and school, volunteering to read to the students, joining your child for lunch or attending many in-school events, to name a few.

Your child will participate in music, art and stimulating outdoor time, which Londonderry School finds necessary for the physical and emotional growth of your child. Our Big Friend/Little Friend program matches your child with an older student for the year, guiding your child through special programs such as International day and Arts Fest, as well as time spent playing or just eating lunch together. Your child will have breakout classes for art, gym, science, computer, and music. Your child will also participate in the Londonderry all-school annual Spring play held at the Scottish Rite Theater, field trips, and be able to enter their art for our annual Arts Fest, where the winner’s pieces will be displayed at WITF, capped off with an awards ceremony.

  • Busing is available from all public school districts whose boundaries lie within 10 miles of Londonderry.