The Londonderry School is proud to educate our diverse student body each year,

and depends on the generosity of supporters like you.  Since 1971 we’ve relied on community and individual sponsors

to allow our school to provide an educational approach otherwise not found in the Central PA area.

Thanks to you, we’ve helped our students maximize their learning potential.

We look forward to a bright future, with your help.



Annual Giving

The Annual Fund is a vital source of support for Londonderry School, providing essential, unrestricted funding that touches every corner of the school and shapes the Londonderry Experience.  Londonderry is filled with some of the most dedicated, capable and caring teachers you will find anywhere.  Annual giving helps pay for their salaries, which on average are about half of public school teachers’ salaries.  Londonderry gets approximately $5,000 less than public schools per student through tuition, making annual giving critical to balance the budget.

Annual giving also enables us to keep tuition low so that the school is accessible to children from all economic levels, while helping us continue to improve academic programs and attract excellent teachers.

To donate to the Annual Fund online, click the “Support Us” button.  You can also mail a check to:  1800 Bamberger Road, Harrisburg, PA  17110.


The Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) provides Pennsylvania Businesses with an opportunity to maximize their philanthropic gift giving toward educational opportunities.  The program allows businesses to donate a percentage of the money they would otherwise pay in state taxes to scholarships for qualifying students to attend a school of their choice.  It’s a win-win situation for businesses; the business gets a direct tax credit for up to 90% of their donation, and schools can dramatically increase their scholarship offerings for students.

Londonderry strives to make the school affordable to as many families as possible and therefore provides financial aid to qualifying families.  EITC donations from businesses help make it possible for us to do this.

To find out more about the EITC program or to participate, please visit, or contact Jennifer Pomerantz at (717) 540-0543 or



Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to allow Londonderry School to pursue it’s mission in perpetuity, and provide financial stability and security for the School.  This fund is carefully managed to provide ongoing support.  Cash or appreciated stock donations can be made to the endowment.  To make a donation to the endowment, please contact Jennifer Pomerantz at (717) 540-0543 or



United Way

Donations to Londonderry School can be made through United Way of the Capital Region either through a workplace campaign or individually.  For more information, please visit




Other Ways to Support Us

Click for directions to sign up

  • The Londonderry School code is 20888
  • ONLY NEW SUPPORTERS  MUST follow the new steps to link their BONUSCARD® to your school ID
  • Once supporters link their card to your school ID, the card remains linked to that ID until the supporter is ready to make a change.  There is no need to re-register a card year-to-year.

If you need assistance creating your online account, contact GIANT Consumer Affairs at 1-888-814-4268 OPTION #1.

CommunityAid placed a clothing collection bin on our property to the right of the circle when pulling in to the school.  The donated clothing is sold in CommunityAid thrift stores. Based on the weight of the clothing in our bin, Londonderry School receives a quarterly cash donation per pound.

We celebrate and embrace the Arts!  You can find art work from current and past students plus Londonderry School Logo merchandise.  All proceeds benefit the school helping to sustain Londonderry for future generations.